A Shot in the Arm for Safety – Safety Hero Dana Gordon

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In the realm of safety initiatives, one name stands out for her exceptional dedication and unwavering commitment to ensuring the well-being of her team and guests. Dana Gordon has spearheaded numerous projects and programs that have revolutionized safety practices at Hyland Hills Park and Recreation District. Through her relentless efforts, Dana has not only improved physical safety but also fostered a culture of safety throughout the district.

Yvonne Fischbach, the district’s Executive Director, says that Dana “has worked tirelessly to reinvigorate our safety committee after the retirement of our previous safety committee chair.”

Since the formation of the committee last year, Dana has been at the forefront of developing and implementing vital safety initiatives. One of the significant projects undertaken is the creation of detailed monthly and weekly safety checklists for each of the district’s facilities. By providing individualized checklists, Dana ensures that every aspect of safety is thoroughly addressed.

Additionally, the introduction of the “Safety Tip of the Day” during meetings and before shifts serves as a constant reminder for all employees to prioritize safety in their daily routines.

“We really want everyone to personally know how much we value them and want them to get home safe every day,” says Gordon.

Recognizing the importance of employee engagement, Dana has also introduced fun promotional items to commend employees for their safety awareness. These small gestures not only boost morale but also reinforce the value the organization places on their well-being.

Furthermore, Dana has been instrumental in promoting the district-wide adoption of Vector EHS and initiating the use of Vector SDS, which aids in maintaining comprehensive electronic records of incidents, injuries, and property, enabling effective trend analysis and issue resolution.

Dana and the safety committee dedicate an hour each month to planning mitigation efforts, despite their busy schedules. Their collective expertise and diverse backgrounds allow for a multifaceted approach to enhancing safety.

However, Dana emphasizes that their safety mission is still in its early stages. The ultimate goal is to instill a safety culture that extends beyond physical measures and deeply resonates with every individual within the district.

In Dana’s vision of an ideal safety culture at Hyland Hills, every employee understands the significance of safety and actively contributes to maintaining it. Achieving this requires collective effort and a continuous drive to improve safety practices. Dana envisions a district where safety is ingrained in the mindset of employees, where safe practices become second nature, and where every action is performed with a heightened sense of caution.

Hyland Hills has benefited from several programs and services offered by the CSD Pool. These include Vector EHS, the Cyber Assessment scholarship, the Training Credit program, and SmartNotice, with the possibility of utilizing more in the future. Vector EHS has proven to be a game-changer, replacing the traditional paper-based accident reporting system and providing a centralized platform for incident management. This transition has empowered Hyland Hills to identify trends promptly and address issues promptly.

The Training Credit program has been another invaluable resource for the district. It not only offers important training for staff but also promotes a safety culture and offers discounts on Liability contributions based on participation levels. Hyland Hills has actively participated in previous years, earning an impressive 5% discount in 2022 and striving to achieve the coveted 10% discount this year with a 100% completion rate.

Gordon states, “The training videos themselves are great and there is a wide range of topics to choose from. The training helps the District with a discount, provides staff with important training and helps promote safety culture in the District.”

In their quest for excellence, Dana says that “The CSD Pool has been invaluable in helping us get our program and committee up and running”.

The assistance provided by Kyle Brown and Josh Barkley, the CSD Pool’s Safety Consultants, has been instrumental in establishing and nurturing the safety program and committee. Their presence at meetings, whether in person or via Zoom, and their expertise in conducting effective safety walk-throughs have been invaluable resources for Dana. Additionally, the programs and products offered by the CSD Pool have played a vital role in propelling the district’s safety goals forward, ensuring efficiency, and minimizing accident costs while keeping personnel safe.

Dana Gordon’s dedication to safety at Hyland Hills is truly commendable. Through her unwavering commitment and innovative initiatives, she has transformed the district’s safety practices and fostered a culture that prioritizes the well-being of everyone involved.

“Dana is steadfast in her determination to improve the safety practices and culture of our District through the collaborative effort of the safety committee,” says Yvonne Fischbach.

Dana’s tireless efforts, coupled with the support of the CSD Pool, have set a benchmark for safety excellence that will continue to inspire and protect for years to come.

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