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Medical Expense Coverage for Volunteers

Find out if you need additional coverage depending on the types of workers you employ

Imagine you decide to volunteer for a special district and get assigned to a community improvement day. Happily, you pull weeds growing around the area, when suddenly an extra big weed appears. As you squat down and start to remove it, your back cracks in one too many places and you need immediate medical attention.

Scenarios like this one are why districts need Volunteer Accident coverage, which could help cover medical expenses (up to $25,000) that a volunteer’s personal medical insurance will not cover.

For CSD Pool members that make the addition to their policy, Volunteer Accident coverage extends to volunteers (except firefighters) who are injured while performing their supervised and assigned duties for the district during a sponsored activity or event.

(If you are looking for information on coverage when renting out district space for use by the public, which does not fall under this coverage, check out our article on TULIP coverage).

On top of that, since volunteers are not paid, they do not receive the benefit of Workers’ Compensation coverage. Therefore, this coverage operates as an alternative method that will provide limited medical benefits where needed.

The parameters of this coverage mean that members should review and communicate internal policies and best practices so staff as well as volunteers understand the extent of coverage.

Beyond this, members can further manage risk by obtaining waivers, performing background checks, and providing additional training for volunteers that will be working on behalf of your organization.

Key features incorporated into this coverage are $25,000 maximum for all medical expenses inclusive of dental and ambulance services, and an accidental death benefit of$15,000.

All expenses and benefits will be subject to a total annual aggregate limit of $500,000, and this amount refers to the most that will be paid for all covered losses in any one year.

Finally, be sure to note that no deductible will apply, the benefit period shall be 52 weeks, and coverage will apply in excess of all other insurance available to the volunteer.

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