SambaSafety MVR Details for Members

In May 2021, the CSD Pool began continuous motor vehicle record (MVR) monitoring services. We partner with SambaSafety for all members whose employees can operate a district-owned or personal vehicle while performing duties for the district.

Currently, the CSD Pool pays for the baseline MVR and the monthly monitoring fee, and the district pays the cost for new MVRs.

A new MVR is generated when a new driver is added, when an employee has a license change, when an employee incurs a new violation, or any time a member pulls an MVR for a prospective employee. The cost for a new Colorado MVR is $2.20 (charges for a new MVR in other states vary).

During the first 12 months of this new program, we have paid the cost of all new MVRs. We have been communicating quarterly with participating members regarding their monitoring usage to help them begin budgeting for new MVR costs incurred.

Certain changes will go into affect this month. These changes are shown below:

Why We Use MVRs

Managing the risks associated with the use of an automobile for a district’s operations is important. Obtaining, reviewing and monitoring the driving records of employees is a key step to ensure only the safest employees are driving on behalf on their districts, which in turn reduces claims.

Without driver monitoring, frequency and severity of claims are likely to increase, making the SambaSafety monitoring program a beneficial service for all CSD Pool members.

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