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Safety Grant Ideas for Smaller Districts

A general refresher on what items qualify and how to apply today

As inflation grows, we are all looking to save money in a practical way.

Fortunately, our Safety and Loss Prevention Grant Program can instantly double the power of your district’s safety fund.

However, we often hear from districts with smaller operations and budgets that struggle coming up with purchases that qualify for this program. If that sounds familiar, then this article is for you!

What is the Safety Grant Program?

Every member has a Safety Grant balance based off a percentage of their premium, and each member can submit requests for multiple purchases. After a request is sent to us and approved, we reimburse these purchases by 50%.

If these purchases are related to preventing the spread of COVID-19, we reimburse 100% of the costs. Items that qualify for the 50% reimbursement need to upgrade the district’s safety or loss prevention.

What Items Qualify?

When considering purchases for your district, ask yourself two questions:

  • Is this purchase improving my district’s safety and/or loss prevention?
  • Is this purchase an upgrade or simply an operational cost of doing business?

We cannot reimburse for an average purchase like replacing a broken lightbulb in the hallway, but if you are upgrading that lightbulb to a high-intensity LED lightbulb, this would certainly qualify.

Another example could be replacing tires on a vehicle for the district. We cannot replace the tires with just another set of tires, as this is considered regular maintenance. However, if your district purchases snow tires, this would be a major safety upgrade to help your drivers in snowy weather.

When it comes to COVID-19, a district’s building needs to be safe and clean. If your district upgrades to an air system that filters out air better than your last system, this is a perfect purchase for reimbursement. Upgrading to automatic doors rather than just buying a new door with a handle would also be approved.

Member-Exclusive Discounted Programs

Below we list a few of our most affordable member resources, all of which are already offered to members at a reduced cost. If you purchase one of these programs and then submit the invoice through our Safety Grant program, you will receive an additional 50% off!

Incident Management and Chemical Management

Do you need help tracking safety incidents or chemical use? Vector EHS (incidents) and Vector SDS (chemical safety data sheets) do just that through easy-to-use apps.

Driver Training

Want your employees to feel safer or more prepared driving in inclement weather?

SKIDTRUCK, our hands-on, loss-of-traction driver training course is available to make sure anyone who drives vehicles on-the-job is prepared to avoid accidents during bad weather. These trainings are available in Adams County regularly, and can also come to you!


We partner with NetDiligence to offer three different levels of cyber assessments for districts to help combat cybersecurity threats.

This is a great program for anyone charged with managing their organization’s IT. On top of that, members that complete an assessment receive an increase in their limits from $200 thousand to $1 million in the event of a covered loss.

Sewer Backup Informational Brochures

For water and sanitation districts, our “Drain Facts” brochures (and are designed to provide education to district constituents about protecting their drains to prevent a sewer backup.

Discount Programs

For the smallest of districts with only a handful of employees, this category is for you! We partner with a variety of safety vendors to provide special, discounted pricing for members.

Companies include: AED Professionals, Conney Safety, Mallory Safety and Supply, Daupler, FireCatt, Kickspike, Lexipol Fire, NetDiligence Cyber Risk Assessments, and Red Wing Shoes.

For a full, detailed list, visit

How to Submit

Thinking outside the box when it comes to your district’s safety is an important step to take and can benefit your budget.

Not only do we reimburse for upgrades, trainings, and services, we have a long and growing list on our website that can help you gather an idea of what your district needs.

The next step is to visit our website, submit an application with your receipts attached, and wait for our approval email. Just remember, we are always here to answer any questions you may have on what qualifies or if you need pre-approval.

Email or visit for more information on any of the programs listed above.

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