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Vehicle Rollovers Highlight Need for Training

This major type of loss affects special districts every year

Over the last several years, the Pool has paid out over $5 million dollars in claims related to vehicle rollovers and other loss of traction driving-related incidents. As the safety of our members employees is our top priority, we have collected a few tips and member-only resources to help prepare your staff and organization for road hazards. Learn more about how to prevent vehicle rollovers and improve driver safety with a few simple tips, and discover CSD Pool programs which can help support driver safety through driver training and reports, vehicle inspections, safety grants, and more.

Vehicle Rollover Prevention Tips

  • Slow down. Crashes happen in areas where reducing your speed can also reduce rollovers. Some specific areas include curves as well as entrance and exit ramps. Watch your speed even on a straightaway; slowing down allows a driver more time to notice and respond to hazards, while providing your vehicle with greater stability, if you need to maneuver. And don’t forget steep grades! Be sure to slow down, and be ready to shift to a lower gear when traffic signs alert you to what is ahead.
  • Focus on the road and avoid multi-tasking. It only takes a few seconds for a safe situation to turn into something else. Keeping your focus on the road gives you more time to react safely.
  • Rest up. Rollovers are often a result of a drowsy driver, or worse – a driver who’s fallen asleep. Only drive when you are alert.
  • Know your load. Be aware of your cargo type and how it’s situated. Vehicles with a higher center of gravity are less stable and more prone to rollovers. Secure your freight to avoid shifting balances. Inspect your vehicle to confirm tires and brakes are in good condition.
  • Take care of yourself. A healthy driver is more alert. Rollovers have occurred due to drivers who are ill. Assess your condition, and do not drive if you are not feeling healthy. Stop if you start feeling ill, and reach out for assistance.

CSD Pool Resources for Driver Safety

The CSD Pool offers a number of resources to help improve and ensure driver safety. If you are interested in any of the following programs or services, please check out our website or email info@csdpool.org for more information. Special member-pricing is available.

Driver Training Assessments through TargetSolutions

When hiring new drivers, it is a good practice to have them undergo a new driver training assessment. Fortunately, we have partnered with TargetSolutions to offer members a new driver training assessment program to get their employees the training they need virtually which is free for 2022.

Fleet and Incident Management through Vector Check It and Vector EHS

Vector Check It, a fleet and apparatus management software created by TargetSolutions, is a tool built to streamline routine maintenance and inventory checks of vehicles. Members can create customizable checklists and criteria based on their own needs.

Vector EHS is a mobile app that allows safety professionals to record, track, and analyze a variety of safety incidents and inspections. Users can also track and manage claims and monitor hazards and conduct risk assessments.

These programs will assist with vehicle inspections and give you the ability to track near misses and vehicle incidents, as well as employee and contractor injuries. CSD Pool members can sign up for both programs at a discounted rate.

Motor Vehicle Reporting through SambaSafety

The CSD Pool has partnered with SambaSafety to offer all eligible members use of its driver risk management software to receive continuous monitoring of an employee’s driving record. Motor Vehicle Reports (MVRs) are one of the most effective tools to manage the risk of automobile use and must be obtained at least annually to determine if re-training, removal, or restriction of driving responsibilities is necessary.

Running MVRs annually is a time-intensive and expensive process that does not offer you the updated information you need throughout the year. Continuous monitoring is real-time and minimizes the administrative burden as alerts are sent when one of your drivers receives a new violation on their driving record, which gives you the opportunity to take immediate action, if necessary.

Safety and Loss Prevention Grants

Through our Safety and Loss Prevention Grant program, members are eligible for 50% reimbursement on any purchase relating to safety or loss prevention. This includes the purchase of any third party program or service, including Vector EHS or Vector Check It, mentioned above.

Grant funds can also be used to update your safety equipment, including dash cams and wireless back up cameras. Vehicle backing accidents are another of the CSD Pool’s top causes of loss, and they are preventable.

Hands-On Driver Training through SKIDTRUCK

This training program takes participants through high-risk, low-frequency events, such as skidding, that are often the culprits behind accidents and injuries. With SKIDTRUCK and SKIDCAR driver training, you can experience these situations firsthand, learn common mistakes, and develop your muscle memory to make a split-second decision that might save your life.

The training focuses on maximizing your grip through vehicle dynamics, understanding how and when to brake appropriately, and learning the intricacies of vehicle handling, such as which tires have traction during a turn and what can you do differently to ensure traction when you need it the most.

In addition, the course provides training with modern braking systems and electronic vehicle stabilization control systems, faulty braking systems, tire blowouts and anti-skid equipment failure. Ultimately, the goal is to help break the bad habits your drivers might have by replicating hazards found during adverse weather conditions in a controlled environment.

If you would like to learn more about this training or schedule your staff for the course, email us at safety@csdpool.org.


Safe driving is a mindset we all need help to maintain daily. As a member of the CSD Pool, you can make use of a variety of tools to ensure driver safety and prevent severe and costly accidents. Start taking advantage of our member programs, if you haven’t done so already, and contact us at info@csdpool.org with any questions.

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