Storm Damage and Coverages

Storm Damage and Repair Coverages

Discover the coverages tailored to help you recover after a storm

Spring is a time when the weather in Colorado begins to make the transition beyond winter’s grasp to a season where turbulent events can occur. For residents, this means the snowpack will begin to melt, bringing the potential for flooding, while thunderstorm season begins and intensifies over the summer to bring hail, high winds, and possibly tornadoes.

If a severe weather event causes damage to a member’s property, coverage may be available to repair or replace your scheduled buildings and structures. In this article, we’ll talk about a few features under the CSD Pool Property coverage form which will reimburse expenses paid to remove debris or replace or upgrade a damaged roof. We’ll even discuss how we can share in the cost to upgrade your building with green materials, assisting your district to have a more energy efficient building as well as help conserve natural resources, and avoid toxic or other polluting emissions to minimize environmental impact. As your risk management partner, the CSD Pool is continually looking out for your organization, providing you with the coverage you need.

Debris Removal

Severe weather with high velocity winds often causes destruction to buildings and other property, leaving behind debris which can be large and difficult to remove. Depending on the type of equipment needed for the removal and the amount of debris left behind, clean-up costs may be substantial.

Under the CSD Pool’s Property Coverage, we will pay expenses incurred by a member to remove covered property debris on a scheduled location, when reported within 180 days of the date of loss. Coverage for such expenses is limited to 25% of the property loss payment plus the applicable deductible amount.

Debris from other properties that ends up on your own property after a windstorm can also cause headaches in the form of additional clean-up costs. The good news? We also pay expenses incurred and reported within 180 days of the loss and up to a sublimit of $10,000—to remove the debris of others on a member’s scheduled premises in cases when your building has also sustained damage from a weather event.

When weather strikes, we have you covered!

Wind and Hail Roof Upgrade

Thunderstorms with hail and high winds are frequent culprits of serious damage to roofs and other structures, often causing the need for a full replacement to repair the damage. Over the years, roofing materials have improved, becoming more durable to withstand the impact of hail or wind; however, the costs for the improved materials have also increased, depending on its classification.

In 1996, a national standard was set by the Underwriters Laboratories to assign roofing material a durability rating, ranging from class 1 through class 4, based on impact testing. Class 4 roofing material has the highest impact resistance, minimizing roof damage during a severe weather event.

When a member has covered damage to at least 50% of the total roof area of a scheduled building or structure, the CSD Pool’s Property Coverage, with the selection of replacement cost valuation, will cover the cost to repair or replace the damage, subject to the applicable limit and wind and hail deductible.

At that point, members have the option to upgrade their roofing material to a product with a higher classification for impact-resistance. Although the cost is higher, the CSD Pool will contribute 50% of the additional cost for the more durable material not to exceed $250,000 if a member decides to upgrade.

An investment in higher rated roofing material is an effective way to mitigate future losses. These materials pay for themselves over the long term because of reduced maintenance costs and eliminate the need for premature replacements.

Green Construction Upgrade

The use of sustainable building materials or “green” materials is at the forefront of many people’s minds as they are better for the environment due to energy efficiency, sustainability, and reduced maintenance costs.

“Green” building materials such as solar equipment and high-performance windows improve energy efficiency, while materials that emit few or no carcinogens will maintain good indoor air quality.  However, these sustainable materials come with an increase in cost.

When a member sustains covered damage to a scheduled building or structure caused by a covered peril, the CSD Pool’s Property Coverage, with the selection of replacement cost valuation, will cover the cost to repair or replace the damage, subject to the applicable limit and deductible.

A great option available to members is to upgrade the materials used for the building’s repair with products recognized as green by a Green standards-setter, an organization or governmental agency which produces and maintains guidelines related to green products such as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®), Energy Star, and Green Globes™.

If you would like to take advantage of these upgrades, the additional costs would be shared equally between the CSD Pool and the member, each contributing 50%, and the amount would be the least of the following:

  1. Additional costs to repair or replace lost or damaged parts of the scheduled building or structure; or
  2. An additional 25% of the building coverage limit in the Statement of Values; or
  3. $250,000.

More Information

These are just a few additional coverages provided under the CSD Pool’s Property Coverage Form.  If you would like more information on these or other coverages, please reach out to us at