Microsoft Updates

Microsoft Updates: Discontinued Browsers, Microsoft Exchange Vulnerabilities

Microsoft Exchange Vulnerabilities – Urgent Update

Microsoft has recently announced that vulnerabilities found in on-premises versions of Microsoft Exchange Server are leaving systems open to hackers. Hackers initially gained entry to email accounts and further malware was put in place, while most recently, ransomware attacks have also been discovered. Microsoft has provided security updates as well as additional tools and steps to follow on one of their latest blog postings.

Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge Legacy Support Discontinued

Microsoft is ending support for a more than one browser this year. Both Microsoft Edge Legacy and Internet Explorer 11 will be effectively retired. For those that have not upgraded to the newest version of Microsoft Edge by this time, systems or operations that are connected to the retired browsers may no longer function properly.

Internet Explorer 11, or IE 11, is the last in a long line of Internet Explorer versions. IE 11 will officially lose support of any last Microsoft apps and services on August 17, 2021. Internet Explorer has a long history of security concerns, and the browser itself has actually been out of favor within Microsoft itself.

As early as 2019, Microsoft’s global head of cybersecurity, Chris Jackson cautioned users on IE 11, dubbing it at that time as a “compatibility solution” rather than a “modern browser,” and citing that IE 11 does not follow “new web standards.” Indeed, Internet Explorer’s long history of security issues was augmented in August of 2020, when a significant vulnerability in IE 11 was discovered, and this trend will only continue to worsen after Microsoft stops offering patches for the browser this coming August, leaving security issues open and susceptible to attack.

Microsoft Edge Legacy was originally constructed by Microsoft as an alternative for Internet Explorer in 2015. The Microsoft Edge browser has since been updated, and support for the desktop legacy version will end March 9, 2021. However, Legacy Edge users can take advantage of the Windows 10 update, available April 13, 2021, to upgrade to the latest version of Microsoft Edge; when the regular monthly Windows 10 update is run, Microsoft Edge Legacy will be replaced by the new Chromium-based version of Microsoft Edge.

What do I do now?

If you can’t uninstall Internet Explorer, it may be a good idea for you to disable the browser instead. Check with your IT department or consultant for more details, but be aware that use of IE 11 could expose your district to increased vulnerabilities, leaving your systems more open to potential hackers.

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