SKIDTRUCK Driver Training

SKIDTRUCK Driver Training Wows Participants

If you are either a full-time or a part-time driver for your organization, you already know how hit-or-miss driver training can be. Classroom instruction and online training rarely provide the real-world experience needed to prepare for the hazards found on the road.

Last year, Adams County became the only place in Colorado where you can drive and train behind the wheel of a state-of-the-art SKIDTRUCK, in addition to the smaller SKIDCAR.

Recently a few CSD Pool members were able to experience this one-of-a-kind driver training that simulates what it feels like to lose control of a vehicle and how to recover—just in time for the winter season.

“My experience driving SKIDTRUCK was outstanding,” said Berthoud Fire’s Training Chief Andrew Kuiken. “I was able to see how some techniques for controlling skids that I have long believed to be effective were not as effective as I thought.”

Chief Kuiken brought members from his staff at Berthoud Fire to participate as well, with similar results. “Overall the feedback from my co-workers was very positive,” he said. “Everyone had fun and reported feeling more confident and prepared.”

The training takes participants through high-risk, low-frequency events, such as skidding, that are often the culprits behind accidents and injuries. With SKIDTRUCK and SKIDCAR driver training,  you can experience these situations first hand, learn common mistakes, and develop your muscle memory to make a split-second decision that might save your life.

“After taking this class, I feel like I have way more knowledge on how to control a truck in the conditions that were taught,” Dusty Fisher, of South Suburban Parks and Recreation, said. “I would definitely recommend this to anyone that hadn’t been in a truck that’s uncontrolled.”

As Fisher details, it is not just about being in those high-risk, low-frequency events; it is also about preventing yourself from ever getting into those situations in the first place.

“I feel better now all around as a commercial driver,” Fisher said.

Above all, SKIDTRUCK and SKIDCAR driver training is designed through classroom and hands-on instruction to teach good driving habits and reduce or eliminate common mistakes drivers make on the road in adverse conditions.

For Chief Kuiken, this driver training was a fitting substitute to the traditional methods.

“The SKIDTRUCK beats any computer-based simulator and lets you hear, feel, and experience a loss of vehicle control while learning to prevent and control it,” he said. “The overall result is a driver who, when confronted with a loss of control in real-world conditions, has experience with such situations, and the confidence that comes with that.”

More Information

If you are from a fire department, water or wastewater facility, park and recreation district, or if you drive commercially for work, this training can be a great addition to your skillset.

We are currently offering CSD Pool members a special discounted rate. For a very limited time, the 2-hour course is now $25; the 4-hour course is only $50.

Training takes place at the Adams County Fairgrounds, but we can also bring SKIDTRUCK to you. We can perform the training on any concrete pad that is at least 200 feet by 500 feet and is free of obstructions.

If you would like to learn more about this training or schedule your staff for the course, email us at

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