SKIDCAR and SKIDTRUCK in parking lot

SKIDTRUCK Online Sign-Up Coming Soon!

Update 8/25: On September 9 at Adams County Fairgrounds, we will be hosting a “show and tell” event in partnership with First Gear Skid School to demonstrate and showcase the new SKIDTRUCK to interested members. Click here for more information. Details about the SkidTruck driver training program are below.

Driving in wintertime can be quite the experience. With millions of drivers on Colorado’s roadways each day, there are always a few people who have no business being behind the wheel, especially on those slick, snowy days. They over-steer their vehicles, brake when they shouldn’t, and allow themselves to be a danger to themselves and others on the road.

When it comes to winter weather driving, some people think they have what it takes to drive defensively and not slide into another vehicle, a curb, a wall, or a light pole, but this is not always the case. Colorado Special Districts Pool is happy to announce that we are officially live with our SKIDTRUCK training to help all members become safer drivers.

SKIDTRUCK provides hands-on training for driving during extreme weather conditions. It is designed to simulate adverse road conditions and help drivers sharpen their skills on the road. It does so by having the ability to lift any or all of the wheels off the ground to replicate loss of traction in a variety of ways.

First Gear Skid School will host courses weekly at their training grounds north of Denver at the Adams County Fairgrounds. For any member that cannot travel to the Denver area, we are able to take the SKIDTRUCK on the road to you. All we need to perform the training in your area is a pad that has an asphalt or paved area that is a minimum of 200’ x 500’, free from telephone poles and obstructions. If you are interested in hosting a training at your district, let us know as we anticipate being able to begin traveling later in 2020.

The course is offered in two different lengths–either a two-hour session or a four-hour session. This includes one hour of classroom time as well as one to three hours of actual drive time in the vehicle. If you are not a Pool Member, this training costs anywhere from $500 – $550 per person. Pool members have two tentative pricing options. For 2020 only, training costs only $50 for the 4-hour class and $25 for the 2-hour class.

Safety Grant funds can be used to offset up to an additional 50% of the cost. If your drivers do not drive large vehicles, don’t worry. Our partnership with First Gear Skid School allows our members the opportunity to take the training in a midsize SUV with the same cost breakdown for all members.

Our goal is to set up an online sign up process, but before the online registration goes live, you can reach out to the CSD Pool’s Safety Consultant Adam Johnsen at to schedule a course.