New Daupler Discount for CSD Pool Members

During an emergency, time is of the essence. Response times are critical when a homeowner or residential renter is dealing with water main breaks or overflows of domestic sewer and wastewater systems and service lines.

Our new discount partner Daupler provides efficient and effective 24/7/365 call answering and response software for cities, municipalities, towns, and more!

Gone are the days of waking up in the middle of the night as a district manager or otherwise as on-call district staff in their rotational duties. Daupler works efficiently to limit the amount of time these managers and on-call staff spend on their telephones, away from family, friends, and others, or dealing with problems that may or may not be actual emergencies.

Now, there will not be any missed calls or delayed responses and less worrying all around. This is the latest service you didn’t know you can’t live without.

How Does It Improve My Response Times?

Daupler works like your personal assistant and water and wastewater district organizer. It provides all documentation of each incident, which eliminates manual paperwork that often ends up incomplete or incorrect because of human error by district employees.

The cornerstones of the software make it so that, when used properly as with all best practices for water and wastewater operations, total response time can be reduced by half once your district has fully automated your response processes through this new and innovative system.

How Does It Work?

Daupler excels throughout by understanding water and sanitation utilities and by automating out-of-date processes and procedures, providing district employees and managers with more time to focus on other matters. Daupler fields calls from your constituents, determines what qualifies as an emergency and what staff can handle in the morning, dispatches your staff, and even documents all work performed thoroughly, accurately and efficiently.

There are five main cornerstones of Daupler’s software:

  • Input – Taking phone calls/responding to SCADA alarms/reviewing social media notifications/etc.
  • Triage – Deciding what is an emergency and what can be handled by staff in the morning.
  • Dispatch Creating teams, dispatching staff, and cleanup direction.
  • Document – Keeping track of arrival and departure times, customer information, work performed, and pictures of the incident.
  • Integration – Daupler usually doesn’t focus on this as much with districts, but they can integrate their software with every other software members may use.

Daupler stands out from the competition by automating outdated processes and giving district managers their time and lives back.

Keeping it Simple

The way Daupler looks to work is very simple and easy. Through their fully automated system, for water and sanitation operators Daupler takes phone calls from constituents and screens them so only the emergencies take precedent and it doesn’t just stop there.

From there, Daupler dispatches your full staff and cleanup services, documents and tracks their progress, and integrates them into current work order management systems for convenience of all constituents. This could normally take managers and on-call staff a couple of hours. Through Daupler, the response time is cut in half and allows staff and managers to spend less time on the job.

Daupler’s software was designed by people who have experience in Public Works. They created it to be easy to use and to include only the information necessary to perform the job. This means any worry about having to learn another program can be put to rest. If you can use Facebook you can use Daupler.

Daupler isn’t a work order management system. For that you would need another program. It is a way for water, sanitation, metropolitan, and water and sanitation and related districts to better manage their time and provide faster and more efficient and effective response when faced with an emergency in their area.

Through our partnership with Daupler, members can purchase their program at a significant discount. They may also choose to receive up to 50% additional reimbursement through the CSD Pool’s Safety and Loss Prevention Grant Program.

If you have any questions about the discounted pricing available to CSD Property and Liability Pool members, please contact us at

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