SKIDCAR and SKIDTRUCK in parking lot

SKIDTRUCK and SKIDCAR Driving Training Available Now

SKIDTRUCK Simulates Loss of Control in Large Vehicles

This fall, we are offering new training that hones your driving ability in inclement weather. Fasten your seatbelts and hang on for a ride behind the wheel of our new SKIDTRUCK.

Have you ever been behind the wheel sliding from loss of traction on the road surface? Now picture yourself in a 25,000 GVW truck wishing you had received some training in how to control the skid. Over the years, icy road conditions have led to a number of accidents for Pool members. As your risk partner, we want to be proactive by protecting your drivers, autos, and communities.

SKIDTRUCK simulates adverse road conditions and helps drivers sharpen their skills. It has the ability to lift the wheels off the ground to replicate loss of traction. This makes for one wild and enlightening ride.

The SKIDTRUCK’s custom bed holds a tank replicating the physics of water sloshing around in a fire engine. The benefit here for Fire & EMS districts is clear. But anyone who drives a large truck will be able to hone their skills behind the wheel.

Our partner at First Gear Skid School will be conducting this training. This relationship also means your employees can train on First Gear’s smaller SKIDCAR vehicle at a discount. The SKIDCAR is mounted on a Toyota Highlander and simulates these conditions on passenger vehicles. With these two different sizes, you can train any driver.

Currently, we are looking at a Q4 2019 launch for training. First Gear will host weekly courses north of Denver and provide registration through their website.

For those outside the Denver area, we can take the SKIDTRUCK on the road to you. All we need to perform the training is a paved area with a minimum of 200’ x 500’ free of obstructions.

If you would like to schedule training or host it at your district, contact us at

This training costs anywhere up to $600 per person, but Pool members can expect training costs to be closer to $200 per person. We have not determined the final pricing yet, but keep your eyes open for further updates in the future.