CSD Pool Update

New Malicious Attack Coverage

As of 2019, the CSD Pool now offers Malicious Attack coverage for members with Property and Liability coverage at no additional cost. If there is an attack, such as from an active shooter on your property, we will now cover property damage, liability claims, lost income, crisis management, public relations assistance, and counseling. Below is a rundown of what this coverage enhancement means for you.

Triggering Coverage

Pool members share a $5,000,000 limit for property damage, business interruption and extra expense, and liability. We will repair and replace damaged property where the incident occurred. This even includes damage caused by law enforcement. A malicious attack is defined as one that meets certain criteria, such as use of handheld weapons or automobiles and intento to cause harm.

In addition, post-event crisis management provides your district with resources to recover. This includes additional security measures for up to 90 days following an attack, including costs to arrange armed or unarmed guards at any scheduled location, counseling for affected non-staff persons for up to 36 months, and access to a public relations or crisis management consultant to assist with communications strategies. Crisis management can help your district, whether big or small, respond to a high-profile event quickly and tactfully.

If something of this magnitude occurs, it can directly affect your business and recovery time. In light of this, coverage includes business interruption, extra expense, and continuing loss coverage. This means we will cover lost income and normal operating expenses including ordinary payroll. This also extends to costs incurred to temporarily relocate your district operations in addition to any continuing lost income up to 90 days after your district has been restored to its operational state. We will even provide reimbursement if contracts or scheduled events were cancelled as a result of the attack.

We will also pay for your lost income caused by a civil or military authority preventing access to your covered property because of an attack that occurs within a mile of your building. This type of coverage will not pay for injury to employees while at work.

Added Value for Pool Members

The bottom line is we will cover damage to your property resulting from an attack as well as any lawsuits or claims incurred from injured visitors. We’ll also cover lost income if there’s an attack at your property or in your neighborhood that affects your income.

This coverage continues, even after the events, with crisis management to help you restore your district to its original operational state. Your safety, the safety of your community, and a sense of security remains as important to us as always.

This is a good faith illustration of this coverage. For more information, please contact us.

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