Meet Your Team: Karolinn Fiscaletti


Karolinn Fiscaletti joined the CSD Pool team in January 2019 as Communications Team Support. Karolinn received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Nebraska Wesleyan University and her Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing from Portland State University. Prior to working at McGriff, Karolinn held positions in higher education, technical support, and administration. She has developed a number of skills throughout her education and experience, including writing, teaching, technical assistance, and organization.

Karolinn’s primary role will be to help districts make the most of our member services, such as TargetSolutions, HR Helpline, and SmartNotice. She will be writing content for this publication, contributing to our communication and organizational efforts, and assisting with day-to-day service.

Karolinn lives in Portland, Oregon with her cats, Miłosz and Spooky. Her interests include poetry, horticulture, and converting curio cabinets into multi-level dioramas. She has lived in or visited all but nine of the United States, and travels internationally whenever she can.

Karolinn brings a unique blend of skills to our team that make her indispensable. We have already come to marvel at her patience and eagerness to help our members. Feel free to reach out to Karolinn at