Meet Your Team: Alex Terlecky

Alex Terlecky joined the team in July 2018 as Communications Coordinator. Alex holds a Bachelor of Arts in English. Previously, Alex held a number of administrative, managerial, and service positions. He developed a number of valuable skills throughout his education and experience, including research, writing, copyediting, and accounting.

Alex lives in Portland, Oregon with his partner and a black cat, Coconino. In addition to writing and editing content for this publication, Alex will also be creating marketing materials, assisting in the administration of our non-coverage programs (Safety Grants, TargetSolutions, etc.), hosting webinars, and helping keep our communications concise.

In his time here, Alex has impressed us with his natural acumen for business, graphic design, copywriting, and research. He has an easy, casual demeanor and a professional temperament that makes him a pleasure to work with.