Member Service Spotlight: SmartNotice

An essential part of your internal emergency communication.

This year, Colorado has seen its fair share of weather-related incidents. From wildfires, to record heatwaves, to windstorms, and—perhaps most notoriously—hailstorms. Districts have had to prepare for and expect the worst. With SmartNotice, members now have the ability to foresee weather emergencies and adequately prepare for disaster before it strikes. This means protecting your employees and your property from costly claims and saving both time and energy in the aftermath.

SmartNotice is a mass communication tool designed for use in an emergency or when you need to communicate with staff in the field or the office. This allows you to blast messages to all employees at once, through email, text, or phone. In addition, several features allow for two-way communication to keep you informed and up-to-date.

Messages can be customized based on locations, and can also be integrated with preexisting HR information systems and, most importantly, the National Weather Service. With these features, you will receive alerts about weather, reminders about safe driving, and the need for personal protective equipment. As a result, you can rest assured that no storm will take you by surprise and your staff and property will be safe and secure.

Beyond Weather

SmartNotice has the capabilities to notify your staff of emergency meetings, closings, evacuation or shelter-in-place instructions, fire drills, and active shooter responses.

However, diving deeper into SmartNotice demonstrates the service’s business features that can revolutionize the way you share information with your staff. Now you can provide employees with updates, supply chain continuity, and workforce management, with the push of a button.

Members can also elect to receive notifications from the CSD Pool, which provides advice on how to cope with various emergencies, and how to file a claim. The most important element to any emergency is communication. If you’re dealing with the next super-storm or need to inform your staff of office closings, utilizing SmartNotice can be the cornerstone of your communications plan.

Time is limited in emergencies and the more tools you have at your disposal, the better your chances are to limit claims. Don’t wait any longer to try SmartNotice. Contact the CSD Pool today for a quick and easy sign-up process and start utilizing the service immediately. The next storm is already on its way.

Join us for our webinar this month and learn why SmartNotice is changing the way districts respond to emergencies. For more information on how to sign-up please contact