Nurse Triage Program Improving Workers’ Compensation Costs

Employee call-in first report of injury let injured workers take control of their care, and reduces costs for employers.

Back in March, we launched a program to improve the process for handling workers’ compensation claims. Our new Nurse Triage program will allow your injured employees to call in and speak to a nurse at the time of injury and determine whether they need to go to a healthcare provider or can care for the injury themselves.

Many on-the-job injuries do not require medical treatment. For those comfortable with the arrangement, a quick chat with a nurse over the phone could help avoid a costly, time-consuming trip to the emergency room. When your employees call our claims hotline, they will have the option to speak to a nurse, who will consult with the employee about the appropriate level of medical attention or care needed for treatment.

Each call to the Nurse Triage program will cost $129 if the nurse dispenses a clinical assessment. The Pool will pick up this cost in 2018 in order to analyze its effectiveness. In future years, this could be a cost charged to the individual claim file. For the majority of members that have a deductible on workers’ compensation, this could help save a significant amount of money. Those savings will help keep experience modification factors lower by reducing the cost of emergency care.

If you prefer, you may continue to report injuries in the manner you have in the past. The phone line will only refer employees seeking medical care to the Nurse Triage program.

Dozens of district employees have used this new service already, and many opted for self care over going to an emergency room. Their districts avoided unnecessary, costly emergency room visits. For districts with large deductibles, those savings are huge.

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