2017 CSD Pool Financial Results

Our auditors have completed their analysis of our 2017 financial results. If you want a granular look at those numbers, there is a table below and our Annual Report should be in your mailboxes soon. But here is the quick version: It was another good year, in line with the post-recession recovery the state has enjoyed.

This is no surprise. As stated here before, the Pool was earned with a AAA Financial Rating of Unsurpassed by the financial ratings agency Demotech. There is no higher rating for a pool. Their unbiased analysis echoes the data in our Annual Report. Both are signs of our financial strength and stability.

Growth and Potential

The Pool’s membership has continued to grow, both in number of members and in the size of those members. You are employing more people, buying more vehicles, expanding facilities, and broadening operations. That means your needs are also evolving.

The Pool’s strong financials show we are ready to cover those risks. It allows us to provide critical coverage, training, and resources that would otherwise be out of reach. Our partnership ensures that your district has the latitude needed to thrive.

The world around us is changing, too. Our strength also allows us to continue expanding our services and coverages to answer the challenges of that change. This includes expansions to Cyber Liability coverage and training in Enterprise Risk Management.

A copy of our Annual Report is already on its way to every member, but if you’d like to request an additional copy, let us know at info@csdpool.org.

Scholarship Program Application Now Open!

Come chat with us about our financials, the future, and more at the CSD Pool Membership Meeting at the SDA Annual Conference in Keystone.

New managers, board members, and others who have never been should apply for a scholarship to attend the conference on us! Apply at csdpool.org/scholarship.