Emergency Response Procedures: Gasoline Spills

For entities with fleets, storing gasoline can be a necessity for smooth, reliable operations. The caveat to having the convenience of onsite fuel supplies is the risk that the storage containers could leak or that gasoline could leak during a refueling.

The release of any chemical substance is a serious matter, especially for something as corrosive, flammable, and damaging to the environment as gasoline and diesel fuels.

Below are tips taken from our Emergency Response Procedures guidebook, which is currently being updated. If you would like to reserve a free copy of the new version, contact us at info@csdpool.org.

If you detect a gasoline spill:

  1. Determine the severity of the spill
  2. If the spill is severe, call 911
  3. Extinguish any sources of open flame and keep any non-essential personnel out of the area
  4. Contain the spill and minimize the spread of gas using spill blankets, pillows, socks, or any available cloth. Don’t use water.
  5. Always wear personal protective equipment such as gloves, face masks, and aprons when cleaning any chemicals
  6. Contact a spill clean up contractor for removal and clean up assistance
  7. Contact your insurer to report the incident, note whether the gasoline came from an above or below ground storage tank, or if it came from a tanker or other motor vehicle
  8. Contact a repair contractor to assess and fix the gas tank or pump before refilling it with fuel

Reporting Guidelines

Operators of storage tanks must report releases of regulated substances within 24 hours. The reportable quantity of petroleum is 25+ gallons, however less than that must be immediately cleaned up.

National Response center: 800-424-8802

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
Environmental Release Line:

Colorado Division of Oil and Public Safety: 303-318-8547

More information: www.cdphe.state.co.us

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