Get in Gear

Let’s face it. In Colorado, there are many times of the year when the road conditions challenge even the most seasoned drivers. During the winter and stormy seasons, our roads can be very treacherous and we never know what we are going to encounter. Since 2007, the Pool has received hundreds of auto accidents, accounting for millions of dollars in claims.

This is why the Pool has been looking for a specialized course that will give employees the seat time needed to improve their skills and give them new tools to help break some of their potentially bad driving habits. We have partnered with First Gear Skid School to help put safer drivers behind the wheel.

First Gear employs state-of-the-art equipment called a SKIDCAR to work on defensive driving strategies and improve your reactions on the road. It teaches you to stay in control, when to brake, where to look, how to steer and how to maintain optimum contact with the ground. First Gear Skid School will train you to become a safer, more observant driver on the road.

Each vehicle is outfitted with hydraulic wheels mounted to a sub frame underneath, lifting the car up to replicate icy conditions. This is done at low speeds, ensuring the driver and occupants are safe while replicating potentially deadly conditions.

The course consists of 1 hour in the classroom and 3 hours behind the wheel of a SKIDCAR-outfitted vehicle. The courses are small so that your time behind the wheel is maximized and you receive quality one-on-one time with the instructor.

No matter what your driving level is, you will take something away from the course. The course starts out by working on front wheel skids and then progresses into a back wheel skid. After mastering those, the driver will progress to an all-wheel skid, learn how to recognize the skids, and control each one individually.

First Gear is mobile, so they can come to your location. The Pool is looking to host another SKIDCAR course with First Gear this fall. If you have a large parking lot at your district, or you are able to find one in your community to host the course, let us know if you are interested. The starting price for the course is $249 per person, which can be offset 50% using Safety Grant funding.

If you are interested in hosting or enrolling, please contact Adam Johnsen.

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